Forty Ounce EP

by Forty Ounce

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released May 23, 2013



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Forty Ounce Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Track Name: In God We Trust
These people are a system and this system is a plan
And planning systematically there's no room for man
So next week your cell phone will be an implant
You'll be able to go online shop with no hands
But when they used it all up and the mountains turn to dust
And the trees are just money for your pockets to stuff
They'll take the technology and do it again
And say this time we made it way more advanced

They'll come in tanks and you'll know who to thank
When they take you're only son and you can't pray to the God that you forgot
As you sit and watch the game and the scores go right to the implant in your brain
And they know all your thoughts so you can't pray to the god that you forgot

Money is an object and the object is success
Successfully objective there's no room for press
So next week the headline will read nothing
Not able to acquire info on some things
So when they've used it all up and the mountains turn to dust and the Trees are just money for their pockets to stuff
They'll take all this power and they'll do it again
And say this time there's no need for man

Left for dead with the implant pulsing inside your head
And you'll think I'm out of luck cause you've just torn down In God We trust
They'll pick you up you have survived you'll thank the God above that you're alive
You'll get in line for stamps and they'll put you to work in a concentration camp
Track Name: Yo Momma
I saw you're Momma in the club gettin drugs for free, but she don't really fuck wit me
Track Name: Trying To Get High
You could write me a letter it could be real deep
you could tell me that you can not sleep, but I'm
I'm just trying to get high
Track Name: Party With Me
If you want to come party with me, then grab a malt Forty and we'll be drinking for a week
Track Name: Without (Bloodhound Gang Tribute)
I woke up yesterday they took my one true love away the internet was really broken there i was missing my lotion
Mom and dad were on vacation i was running out of petience life was wasted nothing tasted the same without masterbation
Track Name: Super Mario (DubstepxRapxRemix)
I stopped by EB games they had the Mario.
Track Name: Lex Luther
If Lex luther gave me kryptonite, I'd stick it in a tube of light
And put it on a lunar flight and send it to the moon.